One of our experienced Loan Originators will evaluate your credit, income and assets to determine what ranges of home prices you qualify for. Once this process is complete, you will receive a Pre-Approval letter that solidifies you as a strong buyer, to submit with your offers. Sellers are more likely to accept offers from Buyers who provide a pre-approval letter because they know your documents have been reviewed by a lender and it clearly states that you are capable of satisfying all financing aspects of the purchase contract.

  • Speak with one of our experienced Home Loan Experts
  • Evaluate Income, Assets and Credit
  • Receive a Pre-Approval Letter
  • Submit a solid offer on your Dream Home

Once you have found a home and have gotten into contract, our home loan experts will assist you through filling out the official loan application. The property information will be entered, any documentation that needs to be updated will be requested and you will be issued disclosures to review and sign.

  • Find a Home
  • Make an Offer
  • Get an Offer Accepted
  • Fill Out the Mortgage Application
  • Update Documentation as Needed
  • Review and Sign Disclosures

Loan processors will verify all documents relating to the borrower as well as the property being purchased. They will review all of the information in the loan file, request any additional documentation, and assemble an orderly and complete package for the underwriter.

  • Loan file is reviewed
  • Additional documentation is requested
  • File is submitted into Underwriting for credit decision to be made 

Once the processor submits the complete loan file to underwriting, it is checked to make sure the borrower and property meet all of the guidelines for the loan. The underwriter is responsible for approving or denying the loan application. Loans are sometimes approved with conditions. Once the borrower fulfills the conditions, the loan is “clear to close”.

  • Loan File is Analyzed
  • Confirm Borrower Meets Guideline Requirements
  • Property/Appraisal is Evaluated
  • Loan is Approved with Conditions

Once the loan has been approved, the closing process begins. During closing, the property title passes from the seller to the buyer. A closing agent, usually an attorney or official from a title company, oversees this process. The closing documents are then signed, the loan is funded and the process is complete.

  • Loan Conditions met and cleared
  • Review Final Closing Disclosure and Documents for accuracy
  • Borrower to Sign Closing Documents
  • Loan Funded and Borrower receives keys to Dream Home

Your Local Mortgage Team

Family Focused. People First.

Within APM’s corporate structure, our mission as a local branch is to simplify, streamline, and service each mortgage transaction. Every customer deserves a direct line of communication to have all their questions answered and to feel comfortable throughout the process. Though problems sometimes arise, every problem is also an opportunity for an immediate solution and that is what we are here to provide. We love what we do, and we love to help the people we work with.

From our Family to yours

The Crescenzos take pride in running day to day operations with a family business mindset.
Local Mortgage Family

It’s about trust

“We want to set the client up for success. Whether that’s guiding them to the closing table in under 30 days or giving them a plan to close in six months, we are here to be their coach and help them cross the finish line. Just as Dad & I work together day in & day out as a team, we want to have that same teamwork established with every client” – Phil Jr

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